Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lyrics to Mary, Crashing Down, Thrift Store Gypsy, New York

(verse 1)
She's got everything she wants,
She's got everything she needs,
Got a four door sports car, house of her dreams
Got white picket fences, give her diamond rings
But she don't need them, she don't need them
Her head's stuck in a pipe dream

She gets everything she sees
Claims shop-a-holic as a disease
Thinks that plastic or paper, both gonna save her
Money can't buy her way out of danger

Mary's gonna find out one day, that all these things will fade away

Mary, you're very confused
Got a lot of issues you need to go through
Got a one track mind, when you take your time
You'll find everything you need your cash can't buy
You're gonna find, that everything's gonna be alright

(Verse 2)
She's got all her money can buy
But she's got nothing left inside
She tries to find God sipping on a bottle
A little marijuana gets a bit harder
Try to put it down, it'll come back stronger

Mary's gonna find out one day, that all these things are gonna change...


"Thrift Store Gypsy"

Your pockets are fully stocked
With cigarettes and lollipops
Your favorite songs aren't on the radio

You disregard the debutantes
Who scoff at you in nonchalance
About the way you want to wear your clothes

Don't read the magazines
Filled with rehabbed beauty queens
Cause they don't have a thing to do with you

Thrift Store Gypsy, Always iffy about everything mainstream
It never was your scene
Thrift Store Gypsy, I wish I could have your bravery inside of me
To go against society

I see you on the L train
Nose buried in Hemingway
And I wonder where you like to spend your time

The Jesus hanging round your neck
Your hair so perfect in such a mess
Suggests there's more to you than meets the eye

You've been told what's really best
Climb corporate ladders with broken steps
But you know that there's more to life than this


Cause sometimes I'm not who I want to be
"New York"
(Verse 1)
The Skyline shines like Christmas lights
Like fireworks stuck in the sky
In New York, New York

The street's alive with the passing cars
Underneath all the man made stars
In New York, New York

This I swear if you can make it here
Anywhere becomes austere
Then may I see, if what they say is true...

So long and farewell
To the land I have dwelled
Tomorrow's song I'll sing in a different place
So long and goodbye
To the city that scrapes the sky
Don't forget my name
When I return again to New York

(Verse 2)
I remember my first nights
In Mark's apartment on the East Side
And our talks of girls and God and all our dreams

The Coronado on the holidays
The Compound and the L train
And 5 nights a week down at 414

This I swear if you can make it here
Anywhere becomes austere
Then may I see, if what they say is true

New York (6x)

So long and farewell
To the hands I have held
I'll always hold your heart inside of me
So long and goodbye
Until the next
Don't forget to write
And please dry your eyes
I'll stop in and say hi
The next time I'm in New York...
"Crashing Down"
(verse 1)
On & on & on she goes
Where she stops no one knows
But this road she's on won't lead her home

All alone in her pretty dress
She looks fine but she's all a mess
Its hard to hide what's going on

She's sick inside but she's alright she claims she
Can make it on her own

Its too late to turn back now
You're too far in and you can't get out
But today you're gonna have to figure it out

Someday you're gonna sit down
And think about how hard it was to get out
But today you're gonna have to figure it out

(verse 2)
On & on & on she goes
She's lost herself on this broken road
Where do you go, when you're all alone

She knows there's more to life than this
Than entropy and emptiness
But this is all she's ever known

Forget the nets
She's left the edge
I'll be there to catch your head
When you think you're dead, its not the end

All coming crashing down...

(verse 3)
On & on & on she runs
It hurts to see what she's become
When all she needs is a little love

Take It Slow Tab, Chords

"Take It Slow"...OK, this is probably the simplest song I ever wrote, but hey, simple worked for the Beatles...Capo 1st FretThe Verse and Chorus are both:E B A BThe Bridge is:Cm A B

"My Best" Lyrics/Chords

Here are the tabs and chords for 'My Best' -the tab is from memory, so let me know if it isn't right. I ususally tune my guitar down a whole step to play this song, but it may have been in standard tuning or down just a half step. Have fun :0)
F C Am G/B, F C G
The radio's playing our favorite song
The one's we used to along
But your silence is telling me that something's wrong
Not sure what you're gonna say
Doesn't matter anyway
We've been putting off this talk now for days
There were too many stars to align
Took too much to make it right
But you can't say I never tried
F C G (3x), F C Am G/B, F G
I gave you my best
Cause its all that I had
I guess its too much
To ask for that back
I gave you my best
Cause I needed all that you had
I gave you my heart
Now please give it back
Sometime you pray for the skies to clear
But the clouds just need to shed some tears
So pardon me while I take a little time
And I'm not surprised your eyes are dry
While on love's cross I'm crucified
All I wanted was for you to try
Am C F G (2x) Am Dm G E, Am C G
If you say that you tried, you just lied to yourself...

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How Love Goes Lyrics/Chords

How Love Goes Lyrics/Chords

F C Am G/B

No grand ball room, just two head lights

Truck radio is the band tonight

No dancing shoes, just me and you

No grand affair to read in magazines

No great escapes on the silver screen

No front page news, just me and you

Dm Am G

We aint got to make this complicated

F C G Am G/B

Love is just as simple as this

As the first kiss that we nearly missed

F C G Am G/B

Finding that hand that finally fits that you can’t let go

F C E Am-b-F G

Ain’t always bliss and it don’t make sense

But there’s nothing better than this

That’s when you know

That’s how love goes

I remember when it first felt right

Eating leftovers on a friday night

No tv, just you and me

And it hurt so bad to laugh so hard

But it felt so right wrapped in your arms

Nothing we need, just you and me


This love is just the way its meant to be...